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The Role of a Civil Litigation Attorney in Your Case

There are various types of lawyers who handle a multitude of legal cases. It is important that if you are searching for one of these legal professionals, you find one with experience in the proper area of law you need help with. For instance, while a criminal lawyer handles cases involving a crime, civil litigation attorneys usually deal with a wide range of civil matters that affect compensation for damages or resolving disputes among parties. However, to better understand what this position entails, in the guide below, we will review the role of a civil litigation attorney and when you may need this type of lawyer.

What Is Civil Litigation, and What Types of Cases Does It Deal With?

Civil litigation usually involves one party pursuing a legal claim against another to resolve a dispute. In a civil matter, the suing party seeks to hold the other party accountable for their actions, obtain financial recovery, or bring the matter to court for a resolution.

Civil laws include a variety of practice areas, including:

  • breach of contract
  • personal injury
  • divorce
  • estate disputes
  • workers’ compensation claims
  • labor and employment
  • intellectual property disputes
  • anti-trust disputes
  • landlord and tenant disputes 
  • real estate problems
  • environmental issues
  • medical malpractice claims

Civil litigation attorneys may specialize in one or more areas, representing clients from initial filing through trial and handling civil appeals.

The Responsibilities of a Civil Litigation Attorney

While criminal attorneys handle criminal law matters, civil litigation lawyers tackle non-criminal areas of civil law. For example, civil litigation legal professionals are responsible for handling cases involving disputes among parties that cannot be resolved without pursuing legal action.

Civil litigation attorneys can represent people, companies, multiple parties, and government entities. These lawyers provide clients with legal advice and strategies for how to take on a legal claim and represent clients in numerous proceedings, including mediations, trials, and depositions. In addition, while the tasks of a civil litigation attorney will depend on the case, they will often include the following functions:

  • Investigating a party’s misconduct
  • Filing motions 
  • Investigating an accident and obtaining evidence to present at trial
  • Arguing a legal claim on behalf of the client
  • Taking part in dispositions
  • Filing and drafting legal documents
  • Bringing legal experts to testify
  • Negotiating a settlement 
  • Taking cases to trial

Experienced civil litigation attorneys will also have trial experience. Even though most cases are settled before reaching trial, these lawyers must be ready to argue before a judge or a jury if necessary. In addition, civil litigation attorneys need to be well-versed in state laws and legal procedures related to lawsuits. They are responsible for handling all aspects of a case for their clients and providing guidance and support throughout the process.

What Do Civil Litigation Attorneys Charge?

Civil litigation attorneys charge varying rates for their services. Some law firms offer flat-rate pricing for specific tasks, while others charge by the hour for more complex cases. In some instances, attorneys may work on a contingency basis, where clients only pay fees if their claim is successful.

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