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What Qualities Should You Look for in a Civil Litigation Attorney?

With the abundance of lawyers available today, finding a civil litigation attorney is relatively easy. However, simply because a Google search can yield numerous names of civil litigation attorneys, it does not guarantee that each individual is equipped to handle your case. To aid you in this selection process, in the following blog post, we will examine some of the key qualities you should seek in a civil litigation attorney.

Their Level of Experience

When looking for a good civil litigation attorney, finding a legal professional with relevant experience is important. Attorneys with this experience are better equipped to navigate the complex legal factors that can affect your case and effectively address potential challenges. That is why, when meeting with potential attorneys, be sure to inquire about their professional background, the number of cases similar to yours they have handled, and the outcomes of those cases.

Where They Are Located

Be sure to find a civil litigation attorney in your local area. Local lawyers are more likely to be familiar with the laws that apply to civil cases in your area and may be more familiar with the judges and other attorneys. In addition, having a lawyer close to where your legal claim is based can help keep costs low in regard to lodging and travel.

Their Personality

Remember that an attorney acts on your behalf. When looking for an attorney, you want to find one that reflects your values. In many instances, a lawyer’s temperament can impact their litigation style. This can be a problem if their personality hinders their ability to connect with the judge and jury, as it can affect the outcome of your case.

The Types of Clients the Lawyer Represents

Some civil litigation lawyers specialize in representing organizations and entities, while others may focus on individuals. This means that if you have a business-related legal issue, you will need an attorney well-versed in handling these types of conflicts. On the other hand, if you require legal representation as an individual, seeking a lawyer experienced in representing individuals would be more suitable.

The Ability To Stay Organized

An experienced civil litigation attorney is able to keep their cases organized. These legal professionals often work with numerous clients at once, so being able to distinguish between each case and knowing the details of each is critical. When interviewing attorneys, make sure to ask them how they keep track of their workload.

Things To Avoid When Looking for a Civil Litigation Lawyer

When seeking a civil litigation attorney, everyone will have their own red flags. However, there are some common factors to consider avoiding when it comes to these lawyers:

  • A civil litigation attorney with numerous bad client reviews
  • A civil litigation attorney who appears as if they are guessing when discussing your case and how they will handle it
  • A civil litigation attorney who has a bad reputation 
  • A civil litigation attorney who makes promises they will obtain a quick resolution before even hearing all the facts of the case
  • A civil litigation attorney who does not have their fee agreements in writing

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