At Herrera Clifton Hess, we prioritize our clients’ needs and best interests in all aspects of our practice. Especially when you are dealing with matters as personal as civil litigation, we understand the importance of a favorable outcome that could affect your personal and professional life. From contract litigation to personal injury lawsuits, our civil litigation attorneys are more than prepared to provide dedicated and loyal legal support. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants, and we will structure our legal strategy around your unique goals and interests.

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Common Types of Civil Litigation Cases

Civil litigation covers a variety of legal issues in the areas of employment law, business law, and personal injury. Some examples of common types of civil cases are:

  • Contract disputes. If a party in the contract has breached its terms, either by failing to meet their obligations or by violating the terms in the contract, the injured party can sue for a breach of contract. If the lawsuit is successful, the injured party could retain compensatory damages from the defendant and even damages in the form of “special performance.”
  • Personal injury lawsuits. Auto accidents, premises liabilities leading to slips and falls, defective products causing injury, and other injury-related scenarios could warrant a personal injury lawsuit. These cases could result in monetary and non-monetary damages, such as for pain and suffering.
  • Wrongful termination – Employees who feel they have been fired for unlawful reasons, such as based on their race or disability, can sue their employer. California is an at-will employment state, so employers can legally fire anyone for any or no reason, but they cannot fire someone for an unlawful reason.
  • Discrimination in the workplace – State and federal law protects workers against discrimination based on protected traits like race, age, religion, disability, and national origin. Anyone who faces discrimination in the workplace should notify their supervisor of the incident, and if no further action to remedy the situation is taken, the injured party can file a claim and a lawsuit.
  • Landlord/tenant disputes – The landlord/tenant relationship is solidified in writing in the rental and lease agreement. If either party violates a term in the contract, such as if a landlord fails to return the tenant’s safety deposit or the tenant does not pay rent, the injured party can take legal action.
Your Options as a Plaintiff

Deciding to prosecute a claim against another individual or a business can be overwhelming. Having the right legal representation can make that decision easier and increase your chances of success.

When considering litigation, you should be aware of all your available options. In addition to trial, there may be other forums that might be more appropriate, depending on your individual needs or your business needs. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) may be a more desirable method over litigation or, if the cause of action is of an eligible size, the small-claims court may be another avenue to consider.

Whether you are an individual or a business looking to bring forward a lawsuit, you will benefit from consulting with a seasoned trial attorney to better understand all the legal options available and how each may reach your goals. Herrera Clifton Hess represents clients in a range of plaintiff matters, including employment law, business law, personal injury litigation, and contract disputes.

Defending Against a Civil Lawsuit

On the flip side, our firm also represents the defendant side in civil litigation. A civil lawsuit against you or your business requires a skilled and competent civil defense lawyer who knows how to protect your rights. Our attorneys at Herrera Clifton Hess have successfully defended both individuals and businesses in a wide range of civil disputes, ranging from business litigation and employment disputes to real estate and consumer law. 

We represent individuals, professionals, and businesses alike in civil suits. Our creative approach to civil defense has resulted in many trial successes, as we have been able to stop lawsuits before they even reach the trial stage. This saves our clients time, money, and disruption to their life. If you are facing a civil lawsuit, our defense lawyers are more than prepared to protect you and your business in trial.

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