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What Are the Three Most Common Types of Civil Cases?

One important difference between criminal and civil cases is that in civil cases, the parties can seek money or compensation instead of criminal charges. Civil cases are also tried in district courts and begin when the plaintiff – an individual, organization, business, or governmental body, files a complaint. The allegations in civil cases involve violations of civil laws and the Constitution rather than criminal laws. However, while there are various types of civil cases, some are more common than others. In the blog post below, we will review the three types of civil cases that are most common and explain why they are so prevalent. 

A Contract Dispute

Contract disputes arise when a party, or more than one party who has signed a contract, fails to meet their obligations. Sometimes, this can happen because of a vaguely worded agreement that creates different expectations among the signees. However, more often than not, it occurs due to a party overcommitting itself and lacking the resources or personnel to fulfill the contract terms. As a result, these disputes frequently involve disagreements about a breach of contract, payment terms, scope of work, quality of goods or services, or delivery schedules. They can also arise in many industries, including property, construction, employment, real estate, and business partnerships. 

A Property Dispute

Property law covers disputes related to property ownership and damage to a person’s real estate or property. While an experienced civil litigation lawyer may handle several types of property disputes, one of the most common types of disputes generally involves property line disagreements. These disagreements develop when one party claims that the other party has encroached upon their property line, either for construction or planting. 

Property disputes can also arise due to disagreements over responsibility for construction repairs, rightful ownership, zoning problems, blocked views, and determining who is at fault for damaged property. Moreover, these disputes can involve any type of property, including houses, apartments, and even empty lots and roads.

Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury claims are also a common type of civil case. These claims arise when someone is injured due to another person’s negligence or wrongful actions, such as medical malpractice, slip-and-fall accidents, product liability suits, and motor vehicle accidents.

As a result of these injuries, the victim can file a claim against the responsible party to seek compensation for their harm and losses, which can include payment for medical bills, lost income, lost business opportunities, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and other losses that resulted from the accident. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, punitive damages may also be sought if it can be proven that the responsible party acted with malicious intent or gross negligence.

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